Umlala – How do you convert PDF to JPG? (My Pdf Files)

Umlala’s video for their second single – "My Pdf Files" Lyrics : Josef Laimon & Aaron Tobiass Music : Umlala & Zohara Niddam Musical Production : Umlala Mix : Ran Shem Tov Label : Jonathan Lipitz The Video is by Soul Royale ( Additional Animation by Eran Hilleli Styling : Gustavo Matias Franco Guest Star : Bachi the cat The Jerusalem based band Umlala is an experimental music project, compromised of five members: Josef Laimon as lead singer and songwriter, Orel Tamuz on guitar, Yuval Goren on bass, Omri Blau on drums and Zohara Niddam on keyboard and vocals. Coming from different musical backgrounds, the band members managed to unite their abilities and inspirations to create a unique sound from which they all draw vast gratification.Umlala literally translates from Hebrew as ‘miserable’.The band chose the name due to the contradiction between the exuberant sound of the word and the expression of their mood. However the atmosphere the band creates when performing far contradicts its name, as they have been able create an infectious release that has transformed their original state of mind into a sound that leaves no one indifferent. This consistently results in an audience replying to the lead singer’s eternal question: "How do you convert PDF to JPG?" with a powerful "I don’t know!" Members:Josef Laimon, Orel Tamuz, Yuval Goren, Omri Blau, Nir Yatzkan Permission to upload the video received from Umlala (Orel Tamuz).Umlala – How do you convert PDF to JPG? (My Pdf Files)Umlala – How do you convert PDF to JPG? (My Pdf Files)Duration: 184 seconds