Elisete sings Zemfira – Hotchesh

Elisete sings the song Hotchesh by Zemfira. The Portuguese part in this song was composed by Elisete. Elisete discovered Zemfira on Youtube and she likes a lot her songs in Russian. Elisete is a singer and songwriter originally from Brazil but she lives in Israel. She speaks 6 languages and now she is learning German and Russian. To know more about Elisete please visit her website: www.elisete.com Elisete- Vocals Raz Burg – Arrangements All the rights of the song Hotchesh belong to Zemfira Elisete’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/elisete#!/pages/Elisete/10965611755Elisete sings Zemfira – HotcheshElisete sings Zemfira – HotcheshDuration: 211 seconds