Zvika Brand Mc Chubik @ INFINITY Club | Germany


Zvika Brand & Mc Chubik Are Coming To Infinity Club Hannover Germany At The 10th Of May, To Celebrate The Clubs 9th Birthday So Get Ready Infinity … This Is Going To Be One Crazy Night! :*)))) Video Shoot And Editing – Arty Daisho https://www.facebook.com/artydaisho?fref=ts Zvika Brand | Zvika Brand Official https://www.facebook.com/zvika.brand https://www.facebook.com/Dj.Zvika.Brand?ref=hl Mc Chubik https://www.facebook.com/Chubikone?fref=tsZvika Brand & Mc Chubik @ INFINITY Club | GermanyZvika Brand & Mc Chubik @ INFINITY Club | GermanyDuration: 33 seconds


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