SEREBRO – Mi Mi Mi (Official Video)

SEREBRO – Mi Mi Mi (Official Video) is out now. Grab your copy on iTunes here: US store: Remixes: Follow Ego on Facebook: Subscribe to EgoTV NOW: Follow Serebro on Facebook:… The girls are back. What a great day for all Mama Lovers. After having conquered the world last year with their fresh and jolly sound, Olga, Elena and Anastasia are ready to do it again. What should we expect from this trio of wonders? The answer can easily be another #1 and a wilder worldwide success. The new sparkling single that comes directly from HOT Mother Russia is "Mi Mi Mi". There are three "Mi"s, a misspelled version of "Me". And there is one for each girl. Just MI, only MI, sexy MI. Three times MI for our favourite girls. A perfect timing and name for a label called EGO. What more we can ask for than a single that repeats "MI" three times? "Mi Mi Mi" has a super catchy dance sound spiced with a perfect rhythm… let’s say it’s a powerful EGOcentric track. Serebro are pretty confident and shows once again their diva attitude. They seem to like catching everyone’s attention. And they don’t miss this new occasion… "Mi Mi Mi" is gonna be the snappy hymn and the song on everyone’s lips of summer 2013. A Serebroholic world can’t move and shine without these 3 powerful "MI"s… Are you ready to jump on the girls’ car once again?SEREBRO – Mi Mi Mi (Official Video)