Beating Heart Project – Israeli Artists For IDF (Official Video)

Produced by Pavel Dementiev Contact: [email protected] Facebook Official: “Beating Heart” is a non-profit musical project which emerged during Operation Protective Edge, as a devotion to the serving IDF soldiers, and to the memories of fallen ones. This project combines various artists who chose to express through their art the common feelings of pain and sorrow, caused by loss of dear ones during this particular and other wars of Israel. One of the initial motivations for the “Beating Heart” project was the personal letter of the IDF first sergeant Daniel Pomeranz of blessed memory. This letter to his family had been written just before his last fight. The song “Beating Heart” begins with reciting the letter and combines various musical genres – from opera to rock and rap. The text of the song is written in Hebrew and Russian. The initiator and the artist director of the idea is Pavel Dementiev, well known in russian speaking community singer, actor and director. At various times, Pavel shared stage with many musical legends – Freddy Mercury, Bjork, Bruce Springsteen, Rita, Shlomo Artzi and others. In 1992 Pavel was awarded the israeli “Artist of the Year” title. According to Pavel, his initial wish was to join the IDF in fighting, however he quickly realized this was not a real option. He was in turmoil after viewing first published pictures of fallen soldiers. Under impression left by Daniel’s letter, in which he expressed his love to his brothers in arms, emerged the idea of writing a song. The song which would express our love and support for the soldiers, our children. Pavel mentions “We are the World” as an inspirational idea for the format of the project. The executive producer of “Beating Heart” Ilya Gerchikov points out the extreme enthusiasm of the artists, who not only welcomed the idea, but actively promoted it. Twenty artists shared their thoughts, poetry and music,volunteering their personal time for “Beating Heart” success. The essence of the project is stated in its title – “Beating Heart”. It is the expression of solidarity of the nation, the whole israeli nation, regardless of race and religion. “The heart beats the same way in us all. We are all Israelis and Israel is for us all, and we would give our lives for it.”, – says Pavel Dementiev. “Another vital message of the song is the appeal to celebrate the lives of our fallen brothers and sisters by remembering them and continuing building the future of our country”, – he concludes. “Beating heart” project producers work to present the stage performance based on song and video towards the Independence Day and Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day in May 2015. This performance aims to be a starting point of development of cultural and social ideas conveyed by the “Beating Heart” project.Beating Heart Project – Israeli Artists For IDF (Official Video)Beating Heart Project – Israeli Artists For IDF (Official Video)Duration: 410 seconds